The New & Fully Updated for 2018

Real Estate Agent’s Money and Tax Success System

How You Can Save over $5,000 on your TAXES THIS YEAR!


Attention Real Estate Agents!


Almost every real estate agent is self-employed, and the tax code has countless deductions built into it that only self-employed business owners such as you can take!


These deductions can mean saving many thousands of dollars of your HARD- EARNED money – money YOU USED TO HAVE TO SEND TO THE IRS. But not any longer!


There is one hitch, though….


The IRS doesn’t spontaneously apply those deductions on your behalf for you.


You have to know, in advance, what the tax law allows you to write off as a deduction. Most of these deductions are NOT AVAILABLE to W2 employees who get a regular paycheck every two weeks. And you have to know how to plan for these deductions, and properly document them.


The strategies and methods in this manual are geared toward normally motived real estate professionals, and take little in the way of financial investment to make them succeed. No special skills, or even moderately-hard work are required! Just follow the plan!


I can virtually guarantee that there are thousands of dollars in deductions, that you would be eligible for, that you aren’t taking now! If you’re not taking deductions to which you’re entitled, its like flushing your money down the toilet! You could be wasting the proceeds from one or two closings you made this year, just on bad tax planning!


Don’t let that happen because there’s some specialized knowledge you DON’T have.


We’ll also keep you out of trouble with the section on common Tax Myths – things people write off all the time, that they’re just not allowed to! Just knowing what not to do can save you a ton of money in penalties, interest and stress!

350+ page REAL ESTATE AGENT’S MONEY & TAX SUCCESS SYSTEM, new and updated with the 2018 tax changes with 3 Audio CDs, a CD of tax-planning forms, fill-in-the-blank Worksheets, IRS forms, and THE TRUTH about Car and Home Office expenses now for only $97.

My clients pay $295 an hour for me to go over their tax financial information and coach them for better financial performance; searching for tax saving strategies. In this manual, and in the rest of the series that follows, you’ll be getting all the same information – nothing held back – all my best tips & tricks, delivered right to you with easy-to-implement steps. The Real Estate Agent’s Money and Tax Success System was created with YOU in mind.


I’m confident that in this manual you’ll find strategies, tactics and techniques that will generate many more times the dollar amount you paid for the course in the form of tax savings. Just one (legal) technique we advocate many real estate agents use saves our average client $8,000 -$12,000 per year in taxes in just the first year!


I am so convinced of the effectiveness of this program that we guarantee you’ll find at least $4,970 in new tax saving strategies that you can use in this manual, and probably a lot more.


What else promises you an IMMEDIATE 10x return on investment?!


The fundamental – almost fatal – flaw of how most clients interact with their accountant is that they don’t talk to the accountant until the year after they could have really changed anything. You meet with your tax preparer in March or April of the next year, and it’s maybe too change the way you set up your LLC or how you titled your new car in your name instead of your business name. We get new clients every year that would could have saved thousands of dollars, if only we could have gone back to the previous year and took action before December 31. With The Real Estate Agent’s Money and Tax Success System you can start saving money NOW!


CD of tax-planning forms, fill-in-the-blank Worksheets, IRS forms, and THE TRUTH about Car and Home Office

3 Audio CDs

Too many people just go off and spend, stress, buy, earn, worry, and kind of guess-timate all year long. Come April 15th of next year, they just kind of ‘end up’ where they are, without conscious thought or planning. Excuse my brutal and judgmental honesty, but that’s an entirely lazy and indifferent way to run one’s business life.


The sad fact is, many professionals put a lot more time into planning their one week vacation than they do into preparation for their financial success! Well, you’re not one of those people, and you are looking here because you recognize that financial success, especially in the Real Estate profession, doesn’t come easily, nor does it come by random, haphazard, or unfocused effort.


And the most tangible byproduct of your success is the money you earn, so don’t you want to hold onto as much of it as you lawfully can?


We created The Real Estate Agent’s Money & Tax Success System to give real estate professionals a comprehensive source of up-to-date, accessible finance, tax and technical guidance that’s explained in plain language and easy to implement. With this manual as a reference, you’ll know what to do.


I’m Brad Hennebert, and I’m a Certified Public Accountant, have a Master’s in Business, and I’m an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service. The company I founded — Realty Income Tax Advisors –provides tax preparation and consulting services to Real Estate Professionals in Ohio and throughout the country. I’ve been a trusted advisor to Real Estate Professionals for OVER 20 YEARS, and teach continuing education classes to real estate agents, as well. We are the experts on taxation for real estate professionals!


The goal of our company is to provide tax services to Real Estate professionals, who have some very specialized tax and financial complications, and yet also have greater potential tax-saving opportunities compared to the average taxpayer.  With The Real Estate Agent’s Money and Tax Success System, we can help even more people than ever before!


You’ll be Saving Money Like Crazy!


The Real Estate Agent’s Money and Tax Success System includes:

  • 350+ page manual with illustrations and easy-to-follow steps and directions
  • a 3-hour CD program where I sat down and revealed all the tips and tricks I use with my high-dollar tax clients – techniques that save some of them over $30,000 EACH AND EVERY YEAR!
  • You’ll get the 2 Audio CDs, and a DVD recording of one of our live classes.
  • A Bonus Module CD which includes 27 worksheets, Excel tools for planning, Mileage and Home Office expense templates, and IRS Forms and Publications.
  • Free access for 3 months to our member-only website section with
  • Monthly tax updates and copies of our monthly newsletter
  • Free access for 3 months to our monthly webinar series, where attendees can ask questions and get up-to-date material on tax-saving techniques, and it may qualify as CE in some states!


Why the updates? Because tax code changes all the time!


This isn’t 1995 anymore, and a lot of the tax advice you may have heard from bad tax preparer, a well-meaning but uniformed co-worker, or found on the internet may be dead wrong, and may never have been true in the first place! There’s tax advice I’ve heard from clients that’s so bad it can land you in JAIL!


What we’re talking about here is using a SYSTEM that’ll allow you to intentionally spend your money on business, and BE SURE you of what you can write off to MAXIMIZE your profit, and slash your risk of getting in trouble with the IRS!


You need a more sophisticated set of tools in your arsenal get 100% of what you’re entitled to—so you’re not playing the mindless numbers guessing game like too many Real Estate Pro’s do at tax time.

You’ll Discover the Following Secrets Your Competitors Will NEVER Know, And You Won’t Discover these by talking to a ‘Regular’ Accountant or by Googling “Tax Tips”:


How to take a sizeable Home Office deduction, even if you have an office and pay desk fees at the Real Estate Brokerage


How to ‘pay’ your spouse, children or significant other thousands of dollars per year, and not have to file a W2 or payroll taxes for them, maybe getting a deduction for dollars you’re already spending now


• How an S Corporation can save you $10,000 or more per year in taxes!


• 11 ways to maximize your automobile deductions


• How to get IRS tax liens released, so you can close more sales. Use this bit of knowledge once and earn an extra $9,000 on one deal, average!


• How to deduct more meal and entertainment expenses


• How tax-free exchanges on Real Estate transactions work, and how you can get a lot more investor clients by knowing this


• How to help your sellers navigate the pitfalls of Rental Real estate sales


• How to write off your cell phone, home internet, home phone, and even part of your cable bill


• How to deal with IRS payment plans


• How to best handle unfiled tax returns


• How to make an Offer In Compromise to the IRS for much less than the taxes you owe


• Have a party, and write it off as a tax deduction


• What happens if you get audited


• What you pay for this system is 100% tax deductible!


• And much, much more….



Most of the new deductions you find in The Real Estate Agent’s Money & Tax Success System apply every year you are in business – you keep saving money every year.


You’ll save $4,970 or your money back – guaranteed! That’s just the minimum. Nearly all Real Estate agents can save much, much more, however!


I’m so sure you’ll save at least 10x the cost of the system, I guarantee it. If you don’t save at least $4,970 on your income tax returns, just let us know. Then return the Real Estate Agent’s Money & Tax Success System to me within 30 days and we’ll refund you 100%.


You risk nothing, and your ONLY OPTION is to save money!

Yes, Brad!


I Want To save $4,970 to $27,500 or more in taxes every year and NEVER worry about taxes Again.  Send Me Your Time Tested And PROVEN System For Maximizing the Money I keep and MINIMIZING what I send to the IRS every year!



  • I know that the old-school way of “Guess-timating” on my taxes is not the smartest way, and I am tired of worrying about the IRS. I KNOW I need something different to raise my income, my status, and keep more of my money.


  • I know that I could get my money back over and over again when I use this system. That’s because I’ll have the power thanks to the tips, techniques, and strategies I’ll discover in this program.


  • And I know I’m covered by your generous 30-day guarantee, so there’s no way I can make a mistake here. I can implement these “weapons of mass savings” in my own business and see an immediate return on investment. If I don’t, I don’t pay!



Yes Brad, I’m ready!  Please send my big box containing The Real Estate Agent’s Money and Tax Success System so I can do business on my OWN terms, and NEVER stress about maybe leaving deductions on the table every year!

Brad Hennebert

Founder, Realty Income Tax Advisors


P.S. Here are a few more money saving tips that you’ll find in The Real Estate Agent’s Money & Tax Success System:


  • What records you should keep, and for how long
  • How to avoid taxes on up to $500,000 on the sale of your house
  • How to deduct the cost of tickets to plays, sporting events, concerts and more
  • Will actual vehicle expenses or mileage work better for you?
  • How to pay your spouses medical bills as a 100% business deduction
  • Get a tax deduction for having a work party
  • Slash your self-employment taxes by 50% or more



P.P.S. Do you have these Challenges or Struggles? We address them:


  • Angry or fearful that you may be leaving money on the table each year for lost tax deductions you don’t know about?
  • Feel like you work 60+ hours a week and don’t have enough to show for it?
  • You don’t have enough money left over for college tuition or other things your children need?
  • You owe the IRS money, and cannot afford to pay what you owe?
  • Afraid to spend money because you’re not sure if how much you’re going to owe on taxes next year?
  • Home improvements and vacations are put off because your income from Real Estate is so unpredictable?
  • Do you make good money, but still have debt you cannot dig out of?
  • Do you avoid what you think are legitimate tax deductions because you’re afraid of being audited?
  • Do you have that nagging feeling that the ‘Tax Software in a Box’ or the temp employee at the national tax preparation chain don’t really have the depth to give you sophisticated, high-level advice specific to the finance and tax needs of Real Estate pros?
  • Do you face either high self-employment tax or alternative minimum tax?
  • Have years of unfiled tax returns, and terrified the IRS is going to catch up to you soon?
  • Don’t know what to do, and would be embarrassed if others knew?